As you might already be aware, John Galt Speaking has a presence on multiple social media platforms, links to which you can find on While every other social media channel is free for people to join and become a part of, this Discord Server is a paid private group where we aim to create a community of traders serious about their mission to learn, explore, grow, and own the markets. 

Through this server, we not only aim to cover all markets technically, but also provide another platform for people to learn on. And what better way to grow than to be in the company of like minded passionate individuals. 


Here’s what you’ll find in the private server

Much like our Telegram group, the Discord Server is a community of individuals with a keen interest in the markets. There are discussions on various assets traded in different markets, and people get a chance to interact and learn with/from others. But there are some key differences which make the server a great place to hangout. 

  • Training Room. We have always been proponents of teaching people how to fish rather than giving them the fish. This doesn’t mean we don’t share our personal views on the market in the form of charts and setups, but rather, one of the key features of the server being the Training Room where we will teach members many important things related to trading and technical analysis. 
  • Member Only Educational Material. Each month educational material is provided to the members in the form of exclusive videos, audios, and tests. While these may still be accessible to some people who are only interested in the educational side of things on the website for a very small fee, server members get an all out experience where they can gauge their metal relative to other members, 
  • Chart Requests Across All Major Markets. The main focus of our Telegram Group and other social media channels so far has been Crypto. But here in the server we will be accepting chart requests across all the 4 major markets, that is, Stocks, Commodities, Forex, and Crypto. Discussions will also be held on the same.  
  • Chart Setups. Depending upon the market conditions, chart setups will be shared  as frequently as possible. Members will also be able to share their own ideas and views on the markets in the form of charts and have discussions on them, all the while improving their technical abilities. It is to be noted that all ideas shared on the server are personal views, and not financial advice. As such, members need to be responsible and accountable for the actions they may or may not take. 
  • Social Media Presence. As the community grows, we would want each individual member to grow themselves not just as traders, but also as influencers in the markets. As such, a good social media presence would be necessary, for which the community would support each other and help everyone grow on social media platforms. But it’s also a personal choice. Those who wish to shun the limelight and operate privately are free to do so. This is just a way to help get your skills and competence known to the outside world. 


PEOPLE who take the markets seriously

There’s an obvious reason why this is a private paid server. Only those who seriously want to learn and grow will be willing to join and pay for it. That’s precisely the type of community we are trying to build. 

I’ve been a part of both free and paid servers (groups). It’s a great way to meet new people and explore the market with good traders. But there is also a big difference in the way these serves operate. The free usually hosts a crowd which is only there for one reason, to get free signals and hoping to capitalise on it. The paid, on the other hand, host a more sophisticated crowd which is there to not just get the signals, but also to learn to become self-sufficient in time and grow with the community. 

Another great aspect is the interaction in such an aspiring community. People learn, grow, communicate, test their skills, and help each other out. The small amount of fee paid is nothing compared to the value you derive. 


The server works on a subscription based model which needs to be renewed depending upon the plan you choose. As such, you have access for a month if you subscribe monthly, and at least 3 months if you choose the quarterly plan. 

In case you have any question, you can get in touch with us through our various social media accounts, links to which you’ll find at

When you click on the JOIN THE SERVER button, choose your plan. You’ll find the two options available for moving ahead with the payment, UPI and Crypto.