A Step-By-Step Course to Start Trading Successfully as a Career

I have arranged these sessions for the people who want to take their trading skills to a more advanced level. Sometimes just notes are enough to help you understand the subject. But those who want to understand the true depth of the matter opt for classes where they can directly interact with the teacher, have questions, get solutions and words of guidance. 

There is arrangement for either type, depending upon the medium in which you want to learn. As such, people who are comfortable learning with just the video lessons can enrol for Gear 3: Through The Eyes Of A Pro. And those of you who want to learn by directly interacting with me should definitely go for the Tutoring Sessions.  



So you’d like to start trading or improve upon your skills as a trader? Wonderful. Trading is one of the most lucrative career options in our age. But considering the stigma associated with it, the task may feel daunting in the beginning. What markets should I operate in? What exchanges should I register on? And once you get this going, the bigger questions arise. What stock should I pick? Which crypto should I trade? Where do I buy it? Where do I sell?

Through my courses, I’ll provide you the answer to the bigger questions- so you can not only pick your stocks or crypto, but make sure you buy right and sell right to become profitable.



A few years back I was introduced to the world of crypto. This is where I first witnessed the market dynamics that make the world go round. Crypto market is the wild west of the financial world. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most volatile markets to trade in. The desire to make it big is met with big risks. 

When I first started, I entered the markets without the proper information needed to move ahead. I did a lot of fundamental research, but did not understand Technical Analysis. As a result, even though I was able to make it big in no time, I lost it all. 

As the stories go, even the best traders got burned out completely at least once before they finally set the direction to become better. Following the examples of the great (the book Market Wizards was a big inspiration), I set out to learn technical analysis from every source that I could find. 

Doing everything on your own is not easy. I wandered around in the real world and online to look for the right information. As such, I couldn’t help but accept everything that was offered to me, put it to the test, and then discard what wasn’t right or didn’t work. It took me a long time to finally understand these market dynamics, but it sure paid off. 

As of now, I am a full time trader surfing through the markets. I didn’t see myself as an educator, but here I am. Crypto market had my interest because of the varied opportunities it offers, along with the potential to transmute into a mainstream global market. I have held many sessions on helping people understand Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology, along with the crypto ecosystem.


Here’s what you’ll find in tutoring sessions

Tutoring Sessions are not very different from what you learn in Gear 3. In fact, the topic of discussion is the same. What creates the difference is the ability to interact and have one on one sessions with us to learn Technical Analysis. These sessions are designed to help you see the markets as the professionals (seasoned traders and institutions) see it. Even if you are already familiar with Technical Analysis and have been using it successfully to trade, this course will further help you improve your understanding of the markets.

  • One on One Interaction. We go through the Tutoring Sessions live on video calls. This not only helps you learn things in real time, but also helps you to clear your doubts regarding the various topics being discussed. 
  • Proper Arrangement. The sessions cover all the important topics from Basics, Gear 1, Gear 2, and Gear 3 series. This helps you to build your foundation and then move on to the more advanced topics that set you apart from the crowd. This also means it takes a longer duration to complete these sessions as compared to just going through the video lessons. 
  • Additional Content. As mentioned above, we cover all the important topics from the previous courses. But in addition to that, you’ll get to learn a few more advanced level topics which are not covered in any of these courses. Also, if you enrol for these sessions, you get free access to Gear 3 Lessons. 
  • Access To Private Discord Server where I am aiming to build a community of high class traders working on a mission to be the best. The server is focused on sharing market insights, educational content, and growing our reach in the markets (along with social media). This access is free for 2 months.
    (More details about the server in the Discord section on the website)



In all the topics what we cover, you’ll learn about:

  • Building Your Foundation: We start by covering all the topics covered in the previous courses and getting rid of any doubts that you may have, along with quizzes and tests where you get marked for your performance. 
  • Accumulation and Distribution: We start with this topic in the Basics and then move to the advanced levels as we progress. You’ll gain a better understanding of how this market dynamic works, and how you can use it to your advantage. 
  • Levels: Another topic from our Basics series. Levels are an extremely important topic to learn about. Support and Resistance were the two levels you got to learn about in the previous courses. In the Tutoring Sessions, I cover the 3 new levels as mentioned in Gear 3, along with 2 additional levels which are only covered in these sessions. 
  • Trends: People often take trends lightly, as they believe it is a fairly simple topic. But once you go through this unit in detail, you’ll understand how advanced this topic is and see the immense opportunities that lie in waiting once you master the upgraded form of Trends. You’ll learn to draw the right trends (no it isn’t just connecting one swing to the other), understanding trend evolution, breakouts, test and retest (it is not what you think it is), and using this information to find good (sometimes explosive) moves in the market. 
  • Execution: Many people doubt whether this information only works in the crypto market, or is it the same across all markets. The answer is No and Yes. This information does not ‘only’ work in crypto. It works across all markets, and yes, the market dynamics are the same everywhere. We will cover 4 different markets (Stocks, Commodities, Forex, and Crypto) to understand the efficacy of what we learn. You’ll get to learn how to use this information to traverse through the financial realm and analyse anything that has a candlestick chart with price history on it. 


Indicators, chart patterns, trading systems

It took me a long time to come to the realisation that using Indicators, looking for chart patterns, and relying on trading systems is not the best way to trade. In fact, they give away your lack of understanding of the market dynamics. 

  • We don’t use indicators in our analysis, so don’t expect this course to cover them either. 
  • We believe that Chart Patterns are a lazy way to analyse the markets. Anyone who has even a basic understanding of market behaviour is able to make informed decisions without relying on the formation and completion of these patterns. In this course, you’ll understand market behaviour, not patterns. 
  • We do not offer Trading Systems. For those of you who are not familiar with trading systems, these are basically a combination of a few indicators with a set of rules and conditions. When these conditions are met, you either enter, or exit a trade. In the trading world we call it mechanical trading. This is because the trader works like a machine, following a set of commands without understanding the intricacies of the market condition. More than 90% of the courses offered by the so-called “trading gurus” are nothing but trading systems. They might cost much less, but the inherent value they possess isn’t worth anything.
    (Beware of Trading Systems)



TUTORING SESSIONS are designed to help anyone and everyone looking forward to exploring the markets and using this information to their advantage. 

There is a misconception among the masses that if you want to invest, you don’t need to learn Technical Analysis. Let me break it to you. Even the biggest institutions who solely focus on investments have a team of trained Technical Analysts guiding them through the wilderness. As markets keep losing touch with reality and the charm of fundamental research keeps fading day by day, TA is a tool you would need in your arsenal to make informed decisions. It’s not only about day trading. Macro Analysis using TA can help you determine your picks for the long term. 

In a way, it doesn’t really matter if you are a day trader, or a swing trader, or a long term position holder. Technical Analysis engulfs within itself both Micro and Macro insights. 


Anyone enrolling for the Tutoring Sessions has lifetime free access to all the courses covered previously (Basics, gear 1, Gear 2, and Gear 3).

We personally prefer Tradingview as the right tool to practice what you learn. It’s a free platform that lets you chart assets being traded all over the world across various markets and exchanges. It’s a very easy to use platform and even the free version has all the tools you need to Technically Analyse the markets. 

The course has 31 video lessons spanning nearly 8 hours in total. Practically, you can finish it in a day, but I suggest you take your time (at least a month/a lesson a day) to actually understand what is being taught. These are all advanced topics and will require a lot of practice. Use your time wisely to learn, practice, and revise. 

We cover the previous 4 courses in detail, starting with basics and moving on towards the more advanced topics. As such, these Tutoring Sessions can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks, depending upon how fast you learn and progress. 

When you click on the Buy button, choose One Time Payment and fill in the billing information. You’ll find the different options available for moving ahead with the payment. As this is a one on one interactive session the language can be both English and Hindi. 

Students with a valid college ID can DM for further options in case they have issues with the One Time Payment. 

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